Praying with Physical Challenges-al-Burāq

Praying with Physical Challenges

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This informative booklet provides detailed explanations regarding situations that may arise due to physical or mental challenges that a person may experience, both temporary and permanent.

With easy to read language, and informative diagrams, this booklet explains topics such as:

  • Religious obligations and the mentally ill
  • Challenges in Ablution (Wudhu)
    • with a bandage or splint
    • abnormality of organs
    • inability to maintain purity (taharat)
  • Challenges in Prayer (Salat)
    • memory issues
    • speech issues
    • difficulties in standing upright (qiyam)
    • difficulties in bending (ruku)
    • difficulties in prostration (sajda)
  • Praying on a Plane
  • Fasting of the Elderly
  • and much more...