My Daily Prayer Book (Call on me, I shall answer you)-al-Burāq

My Daily Prayer Book (Call on me, I shall answer you)

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According to the beliefs of Fiqh-E-Jaferia

The book that you have before you was conceived keeping in mind the daily aamaal that a believer should perform. Since it would have been cumbersome from him/her to refer to different books to perfrom these aamaal, an effort has been made to collect them all in a compact and portable pocket-sized book. This would greatly assist those who always wanted to perform these actions but were hindered in the fulfillment of their desires by the lack of resources and busy/hectic schedules. 

In this book, we have at onset included some common aamaal that should be performed everyday. On account of brevity, we have scheduled only Surah Yaseen, Dua-E-Ahad, Namaz-E-Ghufaila and have made a breif discussion about the daily Nafilah prayers. A breif mention has also been made about their importance. Collection of Duaas from Mafatih al Jinnah for daily recitation/prayers.