Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (as) Volume 1 & 2-al-Burāq

Encyclopedia of Imam Ali (as) Volume 1 & 2

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Encyclopaedia of Imam Ali (AS) introduces a new perspective on the life of the Commander of the Faithful and the history of the most perfect of people, the most distinguished of believers and the greatest personality in the history of Islam after the Messenger of Allah.

The Abridged edition, in 2 volumes, reflects as a mirror of the original book on following subjects:

  • The Family of Imam Ali (AS),
  • Imam Ali (AS) with the Prophet (SA),
  • The Efforts of the Prophet to Consolidate the Leadership of Imam Ali,
  • Imam Ali after the Prophet (SA),
  • The Government Policies of Imam Ali (AS),
  • The Wars of Imam Ali (AS)
  • The Days of Tribulation (AS)
  • The Martyrdom of Imam Ali (AS)
  • Views regarding the Personality of Imam Ali (AS)
  • The Special Characteristics of Imam Ali (AS)
  • Imam Ali’s Knowledge
  • The Judgments of Imam Ali (AS)
  • The Miracles of Imam Ali (AS)
  • Love for Imam Ali (AS)
  • Hatred for Imam Ali (AS)
  • The Companions and Governors of Imam Ali (AS)