Building a Successful Relationship The Heavenly Path-al-Burāq

Building a Successful Relationship: The Heavenly Path

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Compiled by: Abbas and Shaheen Merali
Published by : World Federation of KSIMC

Third in The Heavenly path series, the authors take a detailed look at the
relationship between a man and a woman - throughout all the potential phases:
the early years of marriage, marriage after children, and marriage after an empty

Within these, the book covers important areas such as the sexual
relationship; the true meaning of love; the impact of gender differences and
personality differences on a relationship; how to deal with conflicts that will
normally arise; how to grow together as a spiritual unit; living with the wider
families and what to do when there are more serious problems at hand.

The book ends with a look at the house of Ali and Fatima, and the relationship
between these role models of all time. Throughout the book, the Quran and
hadith are referenced; these inspirational words are used to then offer practical
advice. In addition, there are case studies in each chapter from the experiences
of real people in real-life situations that will add an extra dimension to the
issues covered.